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During the manufacturing of beer, there are a number of produced substances which must be disposed of, prevented or reprocessed. One of which includes spent grain, the leftover malt after a mashing process, that can constitute as much as 85 percent of a brewery’s total by-product. Spent grains, also known as brewer's waste, are typically used as animal feedstock for the high protein/fibre content or end up in landfills. 
Biochar effect on seedlings

Pyropower offers...

A solution favourable for all of us
Pyropower offers an alternative management solution that is win-win on profit and impact. We integrate our solution to upcycle brewer's waste as biomass to produce electricity and biochar. With that first step we help to create a more sustainable product. With our product's integration into the brewery, we enhance the quality of the society's environmental impact with a sustainble agricultural cycle for barley, hops, officinal herbs and red fruits cultivation. Our clean, carbon negative, in-house energy production for the brewing process offsets the fuel emissions it would typically draw from the grid. In addition, it offsets the fuel consumption required to transport and distribute brewer's waste as animal feedstock to the country. We want a better, more sustainable world and a good green beer to celebrate it!

Birrificio independente elav

A progressive brewery in Italy, conscious of their footprint on nature
Elav is a big brewery, and one of Italy's firsts, based in Bergamo. From the green soul of the brewery, the Elav Agricultural Society was born. This project is inserted in a context of redevelopment of the Val d'Astino managed by the Botanical Garden of Bergamo, Mia, Parco dei Colli and Slow Food in order to start and maintain an area of ​​almost 100 hectares based on  philosophy of zero km and zero environmental impact. That fits naturally with our vision and objectives so this new adventure was born!

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