Project Efesto

Lombok, indonesia

Efesto is a decentralised electricity generator that takes in organic waste as a fuel giving biochar, a carbon rich charcoal, as a byproduct which can be used for agricultural practices. Unlike other energy alternatives, like wind or solar energy, Efesto's bioenergy solution is carbon negative. Pyropower works with NGOs to bring Efesto to the places and the people who need it the most- off-grid agricultural communities in developing nations.
Efesto is designed for rural communities
Efesto generates electricity using biomass as a fuel. With a biomass of 5 kg, it can generate 1000 watts of electricity and can produce 4.8 kg of biochar in one hour. Efesto is a portable device, designed keeping in mind the requirements of rural communities. Along with the fact that it generates valuable electricity for such communities, it also replenishes degraded land with nutrients to increase its crop yield and productivity thus ensuring food security in the communities. Efesto is circular in nature. You take from nature, you give back to nature. Similarly, the data that is collected from Efesto is used to optimise the product again to customise the product for that condition.
Efesto's uniqueness lies in its circular nature
Efesto's system is circular.
You take biomass from the nature and you return nutrients to the nature in the form of biochar. Similarly, the data that is gathered using Efesto system is used to update and upgrade Efesto so that it is customised for that specific region, biomass and conditions.