Malawi is the third poorest country in the world and 75% of people there live in rural areas in small houses thatched by grass. These people do not afford to find enough money for their day to day needs. They even fail to get 1 euro per day. The city and town dwellers also depend on wood charcoal to make fire because most people do not afford to pay for electricity bills for cooking. On the other hand, farms have relatively infertile soil and many people cannot afford fertilizers as the fertilisers are too expensive for them. As a result, many families starve with hunger every year. Electricity is still a far fetched dream for many families as energy grid network is not yet developed.

Action relief Working Stream (ARWS)

The voice of Malawi
Isaiah lives in Malawi and has first hand experience with the conditions in Malawi. He is the founding director of Action Relief Work Stream, an NGO based in Lilongwe Malawi and is dedicated to help people have a better life by introducing new technologies in the local communities. Here, in this video he shows how people use charcoal for domestic cooking purposes.

Much of the energy in open air burning is wasted, creating negative impact on the environment and on the people's health. Through ARWS, Isaiah collaborates with Pyropower to bring the change he wants to see for the living conditions of his people.
Pyropower with its cheap, portable and highly effective device, is trying to bring the positive change in the lives of people in Malawi. Pyropower is working in regions where biomass cultivation is a primary industry. This means any agricultural-based communities would be able to receive the full benefits of Pyropower's solution.

The people will be able to upcycle their waste, provide them with (heat) energy, namely to dry crops for storage and distribution, and returns the biochar into their fields, which reduces reliance, and thus costs, on water and fertiliser by 50%. These communities are usually isolated and in the fringes of cities, where it is too expensive for developing nations to extend the energy grid into. 
how  pyropower  helps...
We have developed a pyrolysis cookstove
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