A decentralised technology to manage excess manure
80% of farms in the Netherlands already produce more cow dung than they can legally use as fertiliser under EU nitrogen-content law. When raw manure is applied to the fields, toxins, acids and heavy metals present in the manure basically burns the land. It suffocates and forces earthworms, which are the backbone of healthy fertile soil, to the surface. The current solution of manure treatment in Europe are manure pits, where manure rots, gives away toxic gases and contaminates groundwater supply.  The Pyropower product is a mobile, portable, and affordable waste management system that is sent to the farms on request of the farmers.
THE Problem
80% farms in the Netherlands produce excess manure which cannot be treated on the farm due to EU law restrictions.
Manure is stored in a manure pit where it rots and gives away the toxic gases like ammonia and nitrous oxide and the waste manure can seep into the ground, contaminating the nearby rivers, lakes and our groundwater supply. New legislations are asking farms to reduce the livestock or recycle the manure as quickly as possible. The farmers are the most impacted individuals as they are forced to make unnecessary expenses in artificial fertilisers and they have to invest in expensive, irregular and sometimes illegal waste management practices.
Manure is a source of organic minerals
Due to the dispersive nature of livestock farms locations in the Netherlands, a decentralized manure waste management system is needed. The Pyropower offers a service in the form of mobile waste management platform to treat the manure on request of the farmers. The mobile platform can treat raw waste is treated at 5 tons an hour, producing 20% solid waste, which can be used for composting or drying. 30% is nutrient-rich (N, K) liquid mineral concentrate, used back on-farm as an organic fertilizer, promoting long-term soil health. 50% is permeate, mainly made up of water, and can be processed further.

Benefit to farmers

Farmers in the EU have to pay €18-25  per ton on extra manure waste management. With the Pyropower’s service, farmers can use the mineral concentrate on-farm and has lower chemical fertilizer costs. The farmers don’t have to pay for expensive and irregular manure waste treatment systems, and can save €2,200 (considering a 20 head cow-livestock farmer, 1 hectare) each year in artificial fertilizers. Pyropower plans to charge €20 per hour for 5 tons of manure waste treatment.


The farmer can use the resulting N-rich liquid fraction (low in P, higher N:P ratio) on his farm, according to crop and livestock needs. The remaining part (15-20% solid fraction) can be used on farm or sent to a biodigestor/biogas facility. The transport and processing costs of the solid manure can be reduced by a third. The mineral concentrate (15-20% solid fraction) can be transported/processed, so the transport and processing costs of the manure that needs to be disposed can be reduced by a third. The system uses smart sensors which detect levels of moisture, PH and PPM, Brix content and composition of heavly metals on site to measure the quality of manure. Other treatments such as mechanical compression, reverse osmosis are used to treat the manure.

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