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Hi there, we hope everyone is keeping safe during the COVID-19 crisis. We understand that certain projects are put a halt during this time but rest assured our whole is team working hard to prepare for the upcoming ones. Send your general enquires about our projects, technology, sales and funding opportunities to

There are also currently positions available for remote working at Pyropower.

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We are continuously looking for different partners to help us with our mission:
to bring clean energy, organic waste management and sustainable agricultural solutions everywhere, for everyone. So if you are a business owner that incorporates a type of biomass in the production chain - a farmer, a brewer, a forester, an agriculturalist, an organic agriculture association in need of some high quality biochar - do not hesitate to contact us. We may just have a solution for you. If we don't just yet, we might just invent one.

The energy and biochar production is currently in the pilot phase and for that we are looking for brave industry heads with biomass feedstock who dare to experiment with us. If our mission or technology appeals to you, we would love to hear from you!
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