Introducing our very own Biochar

Made from high quality organic waste

For home growers and farms alike

This is Biochar is a carbon, nutrient-rich soil amendment that has many benefits for your plants, crops and land. Outside of agriculture, it has many uses including composting, water filtration and livestock feed. Learn more about biochar and it's uses here.

- 100% Organic
- Captures Carbon
- Boosts Plant Health
- Improves Water Efficiency
- Reduces Disease Impact
- Compost Accelerator

Pyrochar is made from organic waste material in Europe. Each bag shows exactly where it comes from (could be a florist with flower waste from next door or a coconut plantation in India) and how much CO2 is sequestered or avoided.

We currently ship to the Netherlands and Germany.
The 5 litre bag is perfect for the everyday home grower,
who would also like to play a part in reducing our global carbon footprint.

For larger quantities and other special applications, we are open to discuss compatibility.
To show your interest, please leave a message with us. In order to understand the true capability of biochar in agriculture and other applications, we work brave industry leaders who dare to experiment with us.

For more information about company-scale CO2 footprint savings, head over to technology page.

For immediate feedback and (biochar gardenining) support, email
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