Waste is not redundant, it is abundant. Organic waste is one of the largest sources of pollution, while losing valuable stored compounds and energy. This as a huge opportunity - where biomass can be processed and harnessed, we reduce the impact of waste.

Energy remains the biggest cause of anthropogenic climate change. Renewable energy sources, like solar and wind, have become cheaper and more accessible but they alone cannot tackle the existing trajectory. We aim to unleash the full potential of bioenergy for everyone, everywhere.

80% of energy consumption in agriculture comes from fertilisers. Intensive chemical use degrades our land at an alarming rate - land which would otherwise be growing our food, materials and biofuels. We aim to reverse the problems in land nutrition and soil productivity in the long run.
At Pyropower, we believe in a future where energy no longer divides, destroys and depletes. We envision a future where energy is available to everyone irrespective of their caste, nationality or financial state while sustaining nature altogether.

The power of global knowledge and milieu is our greatest gift today. That is why Pyropower aims to reach as many regions and communities as there are energy and environmental problems to solve.

The bottleneck is not just understanding, but allocating the time and resources towards designing a culture plan, implementing it and then maintaining it while scaling up.

We are a team of dreamers with different nationalities, backgrounds and perspectives, but we chase the same dream of a clean, sustainable and abundant future.

BORN in delft, raised IN wageningen

Meet THE team

Pietro Invernizzi

Through his inventive Italian ways, Pietro is putting all his energy in creating a better world with biochar. Expressive & ambitious, he is actively bringing our work to reach all levels of industry, most notably to the tomato farms in Spain! Much like a magician, Pietro changes how the world views the carbon negative dream. 
Chariskha Lidwyanthi

Chariskha makes her mark by bringing creative thinking and passion to the team 's mission, continously advises us on the best approach for the Indonesian market. She also acted as a dedicated researcher and organizer for Project Efesto.
Ties Rozema
Technical Intern

Implementing our technology for a vast variety of biomass sources, while aiming for a standardised solution requires an innovative approach. As an engineer specialised in aerospace and energy, Ties strives to design the engine of the future. His versatile skillset and enthusiasm classify him as our jack of all trades, managing the engineering team in the hardware world.
Kelvin Tirta
Circular Economy

Kelvin aspires to be a polymath, he believes in the importance of cross-disciplinary expertise in biotechnology, art, design, and marketing. Accessorised with diverse thoughts and direct action, he is a valuable asset to our team in many ways. Having him on board as our new business developer focused on circular economy - we are more than excited to see where his contribution takes our future Pyropower!
Eva Everloo
(The Netherlands)

Leading the daily operations of the team with her charisma and insightful guidance, Eva is driven to fulfill our vision of progressing towards a greener, more sustainable living space. With her interdisciplinary background and holistic perspective on sustainable food systems, Eva explores circular business opportunities for biochar and seeks innovative system solutions to create value for our customers.  
Animesh Mazire
Business Strategy, Design

The canvas of startups are always filled with uncertainties and designers paint out the nuts and bolts into a masterpiece. Animesh ventures into fields filled with persistent passion and makes the impossible possible for Pyropower. He also makes our technology user-friendly and beautiful.

He also has an awesome portfolio:
Adam Sierocki
Pyropower's very own material expert and prototyping wiz. Adam is mechanical engineer with background in automotive the industry, is a keen sailor and part-time aspiring musician! In his own words: "Adam likes to create and make things work." - as simple as that!
Grevil Colaco
Mechanical Engineering Advisor
Like a drone in the sky, Grevil will oversee all international projects and the processes on quality and efficiency. An innovation-minded engineer, he is also responsible for project management and technology development. He is determined to reinvent the way the industry operates and make Pyropower a renowned player in the bioenergy and circular economy game.
Sagar Gupta
Waste management and Technical advisor

Sagar believes in promoting enabling environment for a sustainable solution and executing them with a human touch. With his Diversified and multidisciplinary working experience he ensures that the solution is tailored and deliver a carbon negative environment.

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AllEnergyDay Pitch Competition
Winner 2019

Impact Contest
Winner 2019; Energy Initiative
"Energy Winners" Startup Voucher 2019

Climate Launchpad
The Netherlands Winner 2019

Cleantech Challenge
The Netherlands Winner 2020

Wageningen University Food Systems Innovation Challenge Winner 2020

Hult Prize at
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Winner 2020
*Tunsia Finalist

EP&C "Masters of the Future" Top 3 finalist 2019

Global Business Challenge 2020, University of Queensland (AUS)
Finalist (4th out of 153)

Innovation Award Semi
Finalists 2021

AtlasInvest Entrepreneurship Grant: Winners of "Impact Award" 2021


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