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In many cases, biowaste ends up in landfill, especially in developing regions, polluting the planet while losing valuable stored energy. Waste is not redudant, but it as abundant. This is an opportunity, where waste can be processed and harnessed, we step in to create value.

Energy remains the biggest cause of anthropogenic climate change. And although energy is essential for all aspects of life, around the world, many regions still lack safe, reliable sources of energy.

80% of energy consumption in agriculture comes from fertilisers. Intensive chemical use degrades our earth at an alarming rate - land which would otherwise be growing our food, materials and biofuels would be lost forever. We aim to reverse the problems in land nutrition and soil productivity and promote long-term sustainable agricultural processes.
At Pyropower, we believe in a future where energy no longer divides, destroys and depletes. We envision a future where energy is available to everyone irrespective of their caste, nationality or financial state while sustaining nature altogether.

The power of global knowledge and milieu is our greatest gift today. That is why Pyropower aims to reach as many regions and communities as there are energy and environmental problems to solve.

We are a team of dreamers with different nationalities, backgrounds and perspectives, but we chase the same dream of a clean, sustainable and abundant future.

Meet our team

Marcel Kempers
CEO & Co-Founder

An aerospace engineer by training, and an artist by background, Marcel pursues a multidisciplinary "technically creative" mentality and continues to shape the Pyropower culture. Not only bringing professionalism and structured execution, he also played a key role in creating a family at Pyropower.
Pietro Invernizzi
Spain Lead & Co-Founder

Through his inventive Italian ways, Pietro is putting all his energy in creating a better world with biochar. Expressive & ambitious, he is actively bringing our work to reach all levels of industry. Much like a magician, Pietro changes how the world views our carbon negative dream. 
Thomas Merdassi
Head of Operations and Sales

Just like a party needs a good DJ to get the party started, Pyropower needs a driven and knowledgeable enthusiast to convey the vision and mission of our existence. With a big smile on his face, Thomas leads our operations. The team is thrilled to have this fun-going person on board, increasing our impact on a daily basis.
Chariskha Lidwyanthi
Communications & Public Relations
Indonesia Team

Chariskha is making her mark by bringing creative thinking to the team each day. She taps on her strong cultural awareness to tackle issues head-front with strong determination and a big smile, next to her impressive taste for communications is her everlasting energy and enthusiasm. 
Somnath Pal
Systems Engineer

Implementing our technology for a vast variety of biomass sources, while aiming for a standardised solution requires an innovative approach. As an engineer specialised in energy technologies, Somanath strives to design pyrolysis innovation for the future and implementing and executing them on site.
Animesh Mazire
Strategic Product Developer

The canvas of startups are always filled with uncertainties and designers paint out the nuts and bolts into a masterpiece. Animesh ventures into all these fields filled with persistent passion and makes the impossible possible for Pyropower.

He also has an awesome portfolio:

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Winner 2019

TUDelft Ideation Winner 2019
and DEI 'Best Energy Startip'

Dutch Cleantech Challenge Winner 2020

Climate Launchpad National Winner 2019

Hult Prize
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Winner 2020

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