what We do at pyropower

By 2050, our population is expected to reach 10 billion, which means billions more Mouths To Feed, Billions More demanding energy, And billions more producing Trash. how can we use this knowledge to our advantage and be part of the global solution?


In many cases, biowaste is burnt or end up in landfills, especially in developing regions, polluting the planet while losing valuable stored energy. Waste is not redudant, but it as abundant. and We see this as a huge opportunity - where biomass can be processed and harnessed, we reduce this Environmental Impact.


Energy remains the biggest cause of anthropogenic climate change. in recent years, Renewable energy sources, like solar and wind, have become cheaper and more accessible but they alone cannot counter the effects caused by traditional energy. that is why we want to unleash the full potential of bioenergy and for it accessible for everyone, everywhere.


80% of energy consumption in agriculture comes from fertilisers. intensive chemical use is unsustainable and degrades our earth at an alarming rate - land which would otherwise be growing our food, materials and biofuels would be lost forever. We aim to reverse the problems  in land nutrition and soil producitvity, and restore deforested regions.


WE BELIEVE IN the power of global knowledge
and cultural exchange, THAT IS WHY PYROPOWER WAS FOUNDED ON 
implementing OUR projects around the world, to the people and places who need it the most.

Kuwunkia in Chichewa, the national language of Malawi means “To illuminate”.
Pyropower is working with people in Malawi, for the people of Malawi, to provide them access to energy which is affordable, sustainable and Clean. This comes in the form of energy the community need most for basic livihood needs - Heat for clean cooking, lighting and mobile phone charging.

learn more about PROJECT KUWUNIKA here


Pyropower is working on a portable energy-producing device which can funnction as a heater to dry plants crops. The possibilities are endless and pyropower is trying to optimise the product to make it the most effective and robust. We are planning to launch this in Indonesia, where off-grid, agriculture communities are largely located.

learn more about PROJECT EFESTO here


One of the major producer of bio-waste are breweries. breweries are also aware of their environmental impact and so, elav brewery, a craft beer brewery based in bergamo, italy, in collaboration with us, is trying to find a truly green solution to this waste disposal problem, while providing biochat for the elav agricultural society.

learn more about PROJECT ELAV here


The power of...


Pyrolysis is decomposition of organic product, which releases the volatiles within the biomass, under high temperatures, and most importantly, in the absence of oxygen. Unlike normal combustion and gasification, pyrolysis can captures the carbon after decomposition of organic matter thus, allowing our energy solution to be a carbon negative process, which is more important now more than ever.


Biochar is a charcoal rich in carbon, formed after pyrolysis of biomass in absent of oxygen. Theoretically, experts argue, biochar could sequester billions of tons of carbon dioxide every year, capturing 12 % of carbon equivalents released by human activities each year. The biochar market is also expected to grow to double it's size in the next 5 years, ensuring us that we are the cusp of it's potential.