How the Generation X views relationships

Those in Generation X, born from 1965 to 1980, have a dating style that differs from other generations. Generation X’s attitude toward sex before marriage and how they approach relationships is also different. 


They’re open-minded about all kinds of relationships, whether it’s monogamous or non-monogamous, casual dating or serious commitment, or dating Brisbane escorts, as long as they are happy with what is going on. Generation X have realistic expectations when entering any relationship because they believe nothing lasts forever, so they do not expect too much. 

It is a must for Gen Xers to open to all kinds of relationships. That doesn’t mean they have to try everything, but if something new comes along and sounds interesting, they do give it a shot. 


Generation X is known for being more independent than other generations, and they are more likely to have a job that requires them to work and make decisions without the help of others. Because of this independence, Generation Xers have learned how not only to take care of themselves but also how to handle difficult situations by themselves. 

Because of this acquired ability, many people tend to think that Gen Xers are cold or unfriendly because they see no expression in their faces or hear any emotion in their voices when talking with them. This can lead some people to think that they are not interested in many things. 

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Laid Back 

Generation X are not afraid to express emotions. They want to be with someone who has a good sense of humor, is passionate about what they do, and can be themselves around their partner. It’s also important for those who belong to this generation not to expect perfection from themselves or anyone else. 

Generation X take relationships very seriously, but they also know that life is short and fun, and they have to enjoy the journey. This generation believes in equality in relationships, and both partners should contribute equally towards running their home and taking care of family matters together as a team.

Gen Xers are known for being laid back and having a good time, so don’t feel like it’s necessary to always act serious or professional when dating someone from this generation. It is easy to be yourself with a Gen Xer, and they often crack jokes or tell embarrassing stories without worries.

Realistic Expectations

When they are dating, they mostly have realistic expectations. They don’t expect that that partner will change their entire personality and become the person they want them to be. 

They can’t force someone into being different than they are, and if you do that to a Gen Xer, they’ll resent you and eventually leave. They expect to be appreciated for who they are, not to be molded to be someone else just to please their partner. 

In Conclusion

The Generation X view on relationships is laid back. They take matters seriously, are open-minded, but do not forget to enjoy themselves. They are not overly emotional and do try to avoid being controlled.