By 2050,
our global population is to reach
10 billion, which means
billions more mouths to feed,
billions more demanding energy,
and billions more producing trash.

How can we use this to our advantage
and be part of the global solution?


Waste is not redundant, it as abundant. Organic waste is one of the largest sources of pollution, while losing valuable stored nutrients and energy. At Pyropower, we look at projects that can take in organic waste and build technologies upon whichh to close the loop towards circular economy.


Energy remains biggest cause of anthropogenic climate change, while many people in the world still lack basic access. Renewable energy sources, like solar and wind, have become cheaper but they alone cannot tackle the existing trajectory. At our core, we aim to assist bringing energy technology to communities everywhere.


80% of energy consumption in agriculture comes from fertiliser use. Intensive chemicals degrades our land at an alarming rate - land which would otherwise be growing our food, materials and biofuels. With biochar, we aim to reverse the problems in land nutrition and soil productivity in the long run.


We believe in the power of global knowledge.
That is why Pyropower was founded on implementing our projects around the world, to the people and places who need it the most.

From the founder's experiences with smallholder coffee farmers in Indonesia - a new found passion for coffee was formed! Back home in the Netherlands, 300 million kilos of coffee grounds each year are produced. The aim of Pyropower is to process the thousands of tons of spent coffee grounds turning waste into clean energy, biochar and sustainable products, done alongside the wonderful Dutch (circular economy) ecosystem. Pyropower aims to give coffee a second life that will will reduce it's overall CO2 footprint.

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Eucalyptus IN andalusia

The basic problem with eucalyptus camaldulesis is the fact that it can be an extremely "aggressive" plant. It's roots dig deep drying up the groundwater that but at the same time due to their structure favor soil erosion instead of preventing it. The fallen acidic leaves contaminate the surrounding soil with toxic compounds for both macro and micro fauna, triggering a vicious circle and bringing in practice due to the almost impossibility for new species of plants to germinate and therefore to their sterility.

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Kuwunika in Chichewa, the national language of Malawi means “To illuminate”, which is what Pyropower sounds like in Malawi. Pyropower is working with people in Malawi, for the people of Malawi, to provide them access to energy which in a way which is affordable, sustainable and clean. This comes in the form the community need most for basic livihood needs - Heat for cooking, lighting and mobile phone charging. This project is continued to this day, alongside CEHSP, our local partners in Malawi.

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Pyropower has implemented a portable energy-producing device (open source) which allows smallholder farmers to manage crop waste, diverting it from open-burning and get involved in the biochar market. We started on a small island in Lombok in the Southern Peninsula of Indonesia, where smallholder farmers (less than 2 hectares each) are engaged in coffee, cocoa, casava and candlenuts, rice and tobacco production.

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Biochar is used in many different ways and affects many people and sectors on this planet; including waste, energy, agriculture, food, sustainable materials and carbon capture. On the Biochar Base, we discuss all possible uses, including the people and companies that produce biochar, and a place where people can buy, sell or trade biochar and carbon credits.


November 2020
How to deal with invasive Eucalyptus growth in Andalusia, Spain

October 2020
Pyropower listed on Air Miners as a company for carbon sequestration.

August 2020
Our team of engineers successfully completed a biochar characterization study on coconut husks

July 2020
We are a proud new member of the Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture of FOA

March 2020
Pyropower is one of the climate startups
featured in Dutch Impact View 2020

September 2020
Pyropower joined Solar Impulse, our solution is expected to be added Q2 2021.

June 2020
Pyropower is the winner of the 2020
Dutch Clean Tech Challenge!

April 2020
Stay safe, from all of us at Pyropower.

December 2019
Coffee Grounds - Waste or Money?
Learn more about the coffee circular economy project here

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